The school management today 23rd January, 2018 had an “interactive” session with the
students of FUTO at the 1000 capacity hall (HALL OF EXCELLENCE). The meeting was supposedly
scheduled to iron out the issue of the “CLOSURE OF SCHOOL FEES PAYMENT PORTAL ON
31/01/2017” but other issues were also touched on.
The meeting slated to start at 11:00 am began at about 1:00 am (Nigerians like keeping
to time). Representatives from the school management who were present included – The Vice
Chancellor, The Deputy-vice Chancellor, The Librarian, The Dean of Student Affairs and various
HOD’s, lecturers and university staff. Members of the SUG council were also present as well as
a multitude of students who made the building seem like a small town hall with insufficient

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The management P.R.O. welcomed and introduced the members of the school
management present and also initiated the reason for the meeting. The SUG president gave a
short welcome address and then the VC’s address followed.
The VC Professor F. C. Eze expressed his gratitude to the students for coming around for
the session. He admonished the students to focus on their studies as it was the main reason for
being admitted into the institution. He also promised to make the school as academically
conducive as possible as it was one of his priorities. He also called out those who were
spreading false and indicting news about the school, stating various achievements and things to
be proud of that weren’t as publicized as much as other bad/false happenings about the

The VC addressed the issue of the closure of the school fees portal, insisting on the
validity of the deadline – 31st January, 2018. He stated the universities’ lack of funds and the
urgency of issues to be addressed as the reason for this decision. He also stated that this was
what obtainable in other institutions – school fees deadlines that is. The implication of not
meeting up with the school fees deadline was that subsequent fees paid after the deadline was
going to attract a “LATE PAYMENT LEVY”. We’re thinking it would be about N10,000 naira (ten
thousand naira).
The floor was then opened to students to ask their various questions and make their
various suggestions. We’ll be listing some of the issues touched on and the VC’s take on them.

The Issue of Wi-Fi

The non-existence of Wi-Fi facilities in an institution which is tagged a “FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF
TECHNOLOGY” was raised as a very disturbing issue in the meeting.
The VC stated the resolution of the Wi-Fi issue as one of the primary objectives of his
administration. He promised to tackle the Wi-Fi problem as well as other ICT related matters.
Shuttle Bus Routes and Programming
A student raised the issue of the shuttle bus routes. Stating that the shuttle bus usually took a
lot of time to get students to their destination because it usually drove around other routes to
drop off other students before heading towards a steady and forward movement. The student
suggested that the shuttles be programmed to go through various specific routes so that
students can get to their destinations faster without touring round the school.
The VC was in support of the students’ suggestion and stated that he would direct the
appropriate departments of the administration to tackle the issue.
School fees increment and not seeing the result of the increments
One of the students given an opportunity to raise an issue talked about a supposed increment
in the amount of school fees to be paid. The student stated that the school fees were increasing
meanwhile there was almost nothing to show for/justify the increment.
The VC denied the increment of the school fees and incited the students to confirm this by
checking the relevant sources.
The issue of jam-packed lecture halls
A student also raised the issue of jam-packed lecture halls. The student complained that many
departments consisting of a multitude of students were forced to take lectures in inadequately
sized lecture halls causing suffocation, gross levels of discomfort, inability to hear lecturers and
a poor lecture experience generally.
The VC addressed the issue by calling out all the deans of the various faculties to split up the
departments and reschedule the lecture times to accommodate for convenient lectures. He
stated that this normally shouldn’t be an issue as the university had “enough” lecture halls.
The floor was only opened to about four students consisting of two males and two females.
The VC during the course of his speech also made mention of some highlights which we saved
for the last part of this report. Some of them were:

The creation of a new faculty and departments
The VC, as a part of his commitment to improving the Information and Communication systems
of the institution stated that work was ongoing to create a new School of ICT (Information and
Communication Technology). The new faculty was going to include departments like Cyber
security, Software engineering etc. He also stated that some more ICT-oriented departments
like the department of Information Management Technology (IMT) would be moved to the new
New and improved FUTO portal website
The VC made mention of an oncoming new and improved website for the school. He stated that
a team was actively working on the site and that a working demo would be sent to the
administration soon.
Shuttle system
The VC talked about the shuttle system. Stating that the reason for the implementation of the
shuttle bus system was as a result of the security issues posed by the bike men which he
referred as “Ina aga”. He also stated that the university was not receiving any money from the
shuttle system as opposed to popular belief and opinion. He said that the shuttle system was
still in a testing stage where the transport company managing the system was still trying to
determine if they were actually making profit from the system.
The meeting was ended with a closing prayer by the dean of student affairs.
These were mostly the highlights of the meeting.


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