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How to check Admission status on Caps portal 

Jamb has started offering admission to 2018/2019 academic aspirants. To check your Jamb admission status 2018 visit Jamb Caps Portal. Jamb gives admission based on your schools admission list sent to them. In this post you will know how to check admission status on jamb caps portal 2018.How to check admission status on caps portal

How to check admission status on Jamb CAPS Portal 2018

  1. Visit using a laptop/mobile on chrome and if using a mobile phone use the desktop view in the setting. Do not use opera mini.
  2. Login with your details you used when creating an account
  3. After logging in, click on the option button at the top of the page
  4. Click on CAPS below admissions and you will be taken to the CAPS page.
  5. If it shows only Welcome, don’t be afraid see the next step.
  6. You will see an option on the left-hand side, Click on Admission Status. You won’t see this if you are using a mobile phone with mobile view.
  7. You will see your details if you have been admitted.
  8. You can accept or decline.
  9. If your School has not yet sent admission list it will show you admission in progress. you wont be able to accept or decline admission.

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  • Do not click accept if your school has not published the admission list.
  • if you haven’t seen admission status don’t give up keep checking.

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Success on How to check admission status on caps portal.

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  1. Isaac Blessing says

    I have been offered admission. So I should wait for futo to release merit list before clicking on accept

    1. admin says

      yes wait for futo merit list that is coming out this month before you accept it to be on a safer side.
      CONGRATS!!!! on your admission

      1. ADEGBE COLUMBUS says

        Sir but from the information gathered by JAMB you are to accept or reject within three days.
        So how are we now going to wait if the school did not release the admission list within that three day?

        1. admin says

          You can now accept your admission on caps portal.

  2. Ebubexhukwu says

    that the admission list is out should I accept it in jamb or should I wait till it is published

    1. admin says

      You can now accept it on jamb caps portal if you have gotten admission. The list will be released later on

  3. Innocent says

    but I mistakenly accept my admission since school has released there list what is the effects

  4. Oluwaseun says

    Pls,i didn’t do economics in my utme nd i want to study mass com in fuoye.Any option?

    1. admin says

      What is your time subject combination or rather what subject did you use instead of economics

  5. Ella says

    pls am a unizik aspirant and their list is out bt wen i check my admission status there say admission in progress check back later and also wen i checked my jamb admission status there said sorry no admission is given yet…wat does that mean

    1. admin says

      Hmm. I’ll say keep on checking or apply for supplementary

  6. Roseline says

    Pls wen will unijos release deir admission

    1. admin says

      Unijos merit admission list is out already

      1. maryann says

        seriously when cause its still not accessible

        1. admin says

          It is accessible…people are checking theirs

  7. Roseline says

    Pls can u help me check my admission status? reg no 75994680AH

    1. admin says

      I need your login details to do that.

  8. Chinasa says

    My schl has released its 1 and 2 nd admission list but my caps and schl site reads no admission yet. I noticed I can’t accept or reject admission. pls I need advice.

    1. admin says

      Has your school given you admission

  9. Chinasa says

    No sir

    1. admin says

      That is why there no admission status on your caps portal

  10. Ojogbe joseph says

    Dont rely know if i have been admitted,no admission yet on jamb cap.what should i do

    1. admin says

      You should hope and keep checking..

  11. moses says

    Please my jamb caps showing not admitted please what is the matter

    1. admin says

      It means that your school has not offered you admission

  12. King malvin says

    Pls hw can i check unijos merit list

    1. admin says

      Search it on d blog

  13. Olivia says

    Pls I applied for futo direct entry and when I check on jamb it says I have been given admission. Is this true or shld I wait for futo to release their d.e list?

    1. admin says

      Yh futo has given you admission… Wait till futo releases the list

  14. Jack says

    What about Ui? I’ve been checking the CAPS page and it still shows not admitted. No option to accept or decline. But their list is supposed to be out???

    1. admin says

      It means ui have not given you admission

  15. true says

    Hv bin checkin mine.its says no admission yet.wat dat suppose to mean.

    1. admin says

      It means your school haven’t given you admission yet

  16. LOCKO says

    all admission list of my school FUBK is out and i did not see my pls what is the next step for me to take

    1. admin says

      Apply for supplementary

  17. Lukmanu Mukhtar says

    Pls,when is UDUSOK will release direct entry admission list?

    1. admin says

      Very soon

  18. Juliana Orji says

    Thanks for this post

    1. solomon says

      I have been given admission in futo but my caps says “no admission given yet” wat should I do?

      1. admin says

        Wait until its updated before you accepted

  19. KEST DAN says


  20. KEST DAN says


  21. Martins Blessing says

    Futo have given me admission, but on the jamb caps it’s saying not admitted please why

    1. admin says

      You will have to wait for it to be updated

  22. Job Ifiemi says

    sir, ndu 1st and 2nd batch list is out, but when i checked, it was written “admission is still in progress” what is the next step 2 take, coz i dnt want 2 go to polytechnic?

    1. Editor Ik says

      Admission still in progress means you have not yet been given admission but there is a posibility you might get. Just keep checking

  23. Delphia says

    I learnt unijos admission list is out but whenever I checked it will always show 2016/2017 n also jamb portal says no admission yet. What do I do?,does d school sent u admission letter if admitted or what? Pls help

    1. admin says

      but people are being given admission n caps portal

  24. Boluwatife says

    On my caps site i saw admission in progress and i mistakenly clicked accept… Is it going to affect my admission?

    1. admin says

      Hmm.. Has your school released the admission list

  25. Echefu chinazom says

    When I checked my admission status via CAPS,I was given a science course while I am an arts student…..what should I do.the school is unizik.

    1. admin says

      Dont accept it. What course did unizik offer you??

  26. jonny says

    please i checked my caps and i saw jamb proactive admission letter what does it mean

    1. admin says

      Have u been offered admission??

  27. joyous says

    What is going on when will futo release the 2nd batch list

    1. admin says

      No not yet

  28. Janet says

    Please check my admission ,here is my reg no 79106714FI

    1. admin says

      Send urjamblogin details through the contact link for privacy reasons and uremail addresses

  29. Enna mercy says

    Whenever I try to check my admission, it tells me invalid email or password, and its the same email and password I created during my DE registration.

  30. Collins William njin says

    I try to check my admission and the reply I get is admission not giving yet… What those that mean please

    1. admin says

      It means that you have not been giving admission

  31. immaculata says

    plz help me 2 check mine

  32. samuel adejoh says

    Is there going to be another list or we should just take it dat no school for us dat have no been admmited yet

    1. admin says

      Don’t loose hope… Just keep checking

  33. Golden Okechukwu says

    I just this year’s JAMB admission process won’t be like that of last year.

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