UNIJOS Admission List 2018/2019 Is Out | Check Now

Unijos Admission List

Unijos Admission List 2018/2019 is Out. The University of Jos (UNIJOS) has released the list of candidates offered provisional admission into the university degree programmes for the 2018/2019 academic session.Unijos admission list

UNIJOS prospective students that participated in the university screening test can now check their admission status.

Update Unijos Admission List for 2018/2019 is not yet out, however candidates should subscribe or comment below

According to the information from the University via their twitter handle @UniJosBreaking, the general list is out.

If you want to know if your name is on the unijos merit list, candidates should check jamb caps portal for their admission status. If they were given admission their names are on the merit list but remember don’t accept the admission until the list is released by the university online.

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How to Check UNIJOS Admission List

  1. Go to UNIJOS admission list checking portal at https://mis.unijos.edu.ng/ug/portal/admissions.
  2. Supply you JAMB registration number in the required column.
  3. Click on ‘Check Admission Status’ to know your admission status.

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Congratulations to all admitted students.

kindly drop your comment below


Unijos merit list 

unijos first batch admission list

Unijos admission list 2018/2019

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  1. Dachung Dabot says

    Why is it that it’s written “2016/2017 undergraduate admissions” instead of 2017/2018?

    1. admin says

      i think it hasnt been updated

    2. Serah says

      Please is this all the list or more are still coming

      1. admin says

        I think more list will still be released

  2. Hassan Esther says

    Seriously I Don’t Understand This Issue Of Admission

    1. Chris Attitude says

      What is confusing you?
      We are here to help out
      TFB team will always care.

      1. Inusa Favour says

        please and please is it true that this admission list of a truth is out?

        1. admin says


    2. admin says

      How and where

  3. salome sunday says

    pls is it realy out

    1. admin says

      Yh… Check your jamb caps admission status

  4. ihedigbo grace chinedu says

    pls I don’t understand why is 2016/2017 instead of 2017/2018

    1. admin says

      It will be updated

  5. Stella says

    The admission list is not yet out

  6. John Nkwo says

    why is the admission list taking too long. However, jamb has commence the sales of jamb form and I haven’t known my status yet.pls those in-charge should facilitate the process of offering admission so that we can know our stand tanx

  7. Mishael E. A. says

    I did check too, buh found it’s not out… when will it be out please?

    1. admin says

      Sooner…. But it will be updated on this page

  8. Embu Mishael Abeson says

    I did check too. but found it’s not out please when will it be out?

  9. Augusto says

    I checkd my caps and its still showing not admitted………

    1. admin says

      It means your school haven’t given you admission.

  10. ameh faith says

    pls when will the list be updated???

    1. admin says

      Very soon

  11. Jane Parah says

    Pls how many admission lists have been released?

  12. happiness says

    pls why is it showing 2016/2017 instead of 2017/2018

  13. Adanu joy says

    Pls those that have been offered provisional admission
    What’s the next step

  14. Ejah says

    Pls is it only the first list that is out?

    1. admin says


  15. k. makpon says

    PLs UJ, why did u, kep guy so wori lik dis. we wan 2 knw our stan. tanx

  16. Banfa Yilkur Nanzing says

    Am tired of checking my status,what’s happening?

  17. Dorcas Stanley says

    when will the admission be out, because Jamb registration has begun, we need to know our stand.pls

  18. Tyoban joshua says

    Please is the list really out? Has any confirmed admission?

  19. victor says

    How many lists would be released please? I did the screening online… and I still see “not admitted yet ” when would the next lists be out please?

  20. Mathias says

    its jamb caps giving admission nt UJ yet… They r wasting lot of pple’s tym n keeping dem tensed

  21. Mathias says

    Buh some lecturer r saying d delay is bcos of d stike by d Non academic staff union (NASU) buh will soon b resolved

  22. Praise Amos says

    wen will uJ release d General list

  23. Josephine says

    Unijos stop deceiving urself by telling us ur admission list is in jamb portal if we check it will gv u not admitted yet

    1. admin says

      People have gotten admission through the jamb caps

  24. johnzion says

    if i av been offered admission can i accept it now?pls

    1. admin says

      Yes if your school has released the admission list

  25. lulu says

    I have gotten admission on jamb site but I clicked the botton accept will it affect my result?

    1. admin says

      No it wont

      1. God's will says

        I was given admission on jamb caps and I have accept it , please what is issue I’m going to face ?

  26. peculiar says

    please have there release direct entry list?

    1. admin says

      no not yet

  27. NANKAR says

    What list is out..i just want to know

    1. admin says

      admission list

  28. Danchal Bes Pam says

    What, if someone hesitates and accept the jamb merit admission?

    1. admin says

      Nothing ….but accept it if you have seen the list

  29. Peculiar says

    Someone called me to me to inform that admission out yesterday pls full details

  30. Peculiar says

    Some one call to informed that the admission list is out pls I need full details

    1. admin says

      Check your jamb caps

  31. Bright Akpanuko says

    Pls, Admin I can’t seem to find the CAPS section on my Jamb Profile, what does that mean?????

    1. admin says

      Use desktop to access it



    1. admin says

      Check jamb Caps

  33. Treasure says

    Have been checking but no admission given yet
    don’t know what to do again.

    1. admin says

      Check your jamb caps

  34. Chizzy amanda says

    Is it unijos that released list or jamb caps?if it is,which list is out and which are we waiting for

    1. admin says

      Check your jamb caps for unijos admission

  35. Michael Shedrack says

    Pls i don’t understand..Does it mean that unijos have not released their own list yet? And if it’s so, does it mean that we that were not offered admission by jamb should wait for the school to release the list or just forget about admission this year? Thanks.

    1. admin says

      They should wait for the school to release the list

  36. commy says

    wat f s showin admisim s in process

    1. admin says

      Check back later

  37. bulus joyce says

    Just dnt understand,its still showing 2016/2017 instead of 2017/2018 n in d jamb caps not admitted.dats for d direct entry,any explanation or is Dr any hope

    1. Editor Ik says

      They should update it just keep checking

      1. Bulus Joyce says

        K will still b checking tnks

  38. Chioma says

    Is it only the first list that is out for unijos?is this all the list or do we wait for another list?

    1. admin says

      Wait for another

      1. Bulus Joyce says

        How long?so dat we should know Wat nxt to do

  39. Evelyn says

    Pls nd pls unijos am really confuse the school said we should check the jamb portal for the merit list but i did not upload my wacce result in the jamb portal so i cant check it and am trying to check school portal but i keep seein 2016/2017unijos why?

    1. admin says

      Sorry for the late reply but everyone who wrote jamb should have an account with them

  40. maryam says

    pls uj hlp & update the admissn list on monday bcs jamb will soon cose their registration & we applicant want to know our status tnks up coming student at uj

  41. Edward says

    Please admin can you update the site early and give us time to start coming for the registration because this is as good as waiting for this year jamb with the pace Unijos is going presently and its actually a cause To worry

  42. Queen says

    Pls we are still hoping uj

  43. Letitha says

    will the admission list be out before the 6th of February( jamb registration deadline date).

    1. admin says

      It should be but even if it not out. Unijos must release the list on their site

      1. Edward says

        As an admin,the information you are giving us ..honestly it’s not helping ,we are the last souls at home rn just waiting for updates and stuffs since DEC.. Pls will u give us a legit information instead of calming us down because it is sincerely not helping.we have checked d jamb and finished d process we were ment to and have been waiting..nw we r not asking of jamb acceptance and other stuffs rn,,we r asking of d list,registration date,date to leave this house and resume school

        1. admin says

          When unijreleaseregistration guide I’ll update it here

  44. Adoyi Dan says

    Unijos is a fuckup sch, dats y I like my Uniben….if u want to release admission list do it right away, create a new link or additional link for prospective student to chech & knw there stance bt its jus not clear wat d sch is up to, Jamb registration wud close by Tues next week & a sch lik Unijos is yet to release admission list.
    for those that applied EDUCATION, u can check ur admission status via: https://mis.unijos.edu.ng/institute/admissions/

  45. faisal Hassan says

    I got mine.at jamp caps.DE congratulations to me. When r we going to start registration?

  46. Emmanuel says

    Heloo good morning… They said uj list is out but whenever i try checking it always show me 2016/2017 instead of 2017/2018

    1. admin says

      Check jamb caps portal

  47. Franca says

    pls wen wud the general list b out, so we wud knw our fate

  48. commy says

    congratulations to me also, i got it through jamb caps yesterday morning try an check urs

    1. grace says

      direct entry or jamb

    2. Letitha says

      commy, am happy for you, congratulations.

    3. presh says

      Commy congratulations…… Is it unijos?

    4. admin says


  49. grace says

    Pls has any DE applicant been offered medicine on CAPS?

  50. Emmanuel says

    Your Comment I don’t understand what is happening in Nigerian systems of admission, this year is the tenth year I am luk for admission in Nigerian. uj.uj.uj I don’t no what to do now,but i no one thing my 270 in jamb score will not go just like that,

    1. Isah Daniel says

      It’s a very pitiable dilemma that a man spent 10 years writing jamb and waiting for university admision. Must you go to university? why can’t you try politechnic admision and save your self all these stress? Well I don’t know but call me on this number and let’s see what God wil do. 09072023351

  51. Sally says

    I have accepted the admission on jamb caps but the list is not out yet,I hope that’s OK and it won’t affect me.

    1. admin says

      Yes that’s ok

  52. Esther says

    Please we are pleading with the administration of unijos to help us make this quick so we know we’re we stand.

  53. Dahiru shehu says

    Goodeverning admin what should i see through jamb cap portal make me recognise am offered admission.tnks

    1. admin says

      You will be able to accept or decline the admission

  54. commy says

    okk tanks, my s vet med. direct entry

    1. Isaac says

      Pls walk me through the process I also apply DE …nursing…I loged in but all I saw is welcome and d admission status click gave option for type of exams and theres no DE in d option

    2. Isaac says

      Pls walk me through the process I also apply DE …nursing…I loged in but all I saw is welcome and d admission status click gave option for type of exams and theres no DE in d option

  55. Amara says

    I applied for uj for mass communication and i scored 256 in jamb and jamb postal is still saying no admission yet

  56. Peakay says

    pls Admin if my admission status is showing nt admitted…does that mean no admission for me ……ah applied uj

    1. Samson ocholi says

      I’ve checked jamb caps, the only thing am seeing is ”welcome” and that is all, what is my stand?Your Comment

      1. Editor Ik says

        You didn’t check it completely… Use a system or Google chrome to check it.

  57. Samuel Blessing Motunrayo says

    Pls help out am confused on What to do

    1. admin says


  58. Isah Daniel says

    If you know that you possessed all the requirements for admission and you choose unijos as first choice then call me let’s see if I can use my influence in helping you. 09072023351

  59. francis says

    Your Comment pls what if you accept the admission unknowing it should b accepted after it has been posted by the school???

  60. OAG says

    Hello… please when is the second list coming out…

  61. Godday says

    hw many list will be released

  62. patrick says

    pls Admin wat happens if one accepts d admission on Jamb cap when d school’s list is not yet released?

  63. Ocholi samson says

    Am still confused

    1. admin says


  64. Sally says

    I heard registration will commence on 5th march,how true is that pls?

  65. Sally says

    Is it true that registration begins on 5th march?

    1. Benedict says

      can someone call me if the second list is out?

  66. Jan Fidelis says

    Please,when is unijos General list is going to be out?

    Or it’s Jamb that is giving admission this year?

  67. joseph says

    please how is the institution uploading their admission list

  68. jeremiah says

    please is there still any list coming after this?????

  69. Ocholi Samson says

    Please admin, when will the third list be released? Please i need your reply as much as possible or there won’t be any list after this?

  70. sunny says

    pls will there be another list coming?

    1. admin says


      1. Ocholi samson says

        When is it going to be release? Will it be release before march 5th?

  71. samuel adejoh says

    Pls admin will dere b another list apart from the one release or is the final list

  72. Ocholi samson says

    When is it going to be release? Will it be release before march 5th? Please i need ur reply.

  73. Paul Ibrahim says

    UNIJOS 2017/2018 1st batch admission list out,for help into 2nd batch,acceptance fees payment and other related problems,contact
    08189492359 08171489751

  74. Chris Effiong says

    please when are we expecting the second list

    1. admin says

      Very soon

  75. Danny says

    hey guys I have been offered admission … just checked today if you are having issues, I can help just contact me on 07063805510 (whatsapp or texts pls) and I’ll love to meet any other person who applied for criminology. GOOD LUCKS

  76. Prof abureme says

    Unijos admission list is out to check admission list and processing contact admin office_+2449038591945 for more info

  77. Akeson says

    Please admi are u sure,they will release another batch

    1. admin says

      They should release another list …lets hope so

  78. simeco says

    admin pls wat list is dis ar they going to release another list again ?

  79. Michael says

    Please is that all the list
    Or is this first list and is there going to be another list

  80. Gyang says

    Please will any other list be out, like 3rd

    1. admin says

      I think… It will be updated here

  81. Lokosh Patrick says

    Please is pharmacy list complete? Or are they going to release other list, please help me out…

  82. ajayi olayemi Victoria says

    Please if we have been given admission on caps, are we too accept or reject it?

    1. admin says

      Yes accept it on caps portal

    2. ajayi olayemi Victoria says

      Please I accepted the admission given to me by caps, but I went for registration today, and I was told I will need access code before I can process my registration. How will I get it?

  83. Prof abureme says

    UNIJOS 2017/2018 1st batch admission list out,for help into 2nd batch,acceptance fees payment and other related problems,contact
    UNIJOS ADMIN+2349038591945 for more information and help

  84. Victoria says

    Pls admin if i accept caps admission after they have release the first list, will it affect my admission? Pls I need comments

  85. Eve says

    pls i checked for the list but i ave not been given admission can i wait for anoda?

  86. Nyam isha says

    I wander why I was not offer admission

  87. Adejoh samuel says

    Pls admin wen will the last admission list be out or no in coming list pls i need answers

  88. Frank says

    Please I never knew that we shouldn’t accept the admission until the institution releases their list…. My name has not been released in the school portal but my name is in jamb portal… Please what can I do please?

    1. Ocholi samson says

      Am frustrated. I didn’t register for jamb this year. If another list is not released, i will have to wait for another two years? God forbid

  89. Abdon says

    Is another list going to be released pls admin

    1. admin says

      am not yet

  90. motunrayo says

    pls i scored 185 nd my course is nursing will i be given adminssion or will i be given another course to study at unijos ?

  91. symphony says

    Pls Wen du u think another list would be released

    1. admin says

      am not sure they will released another list

  92. Tim Aondofa Raphael says

    Is Another Unijos Admission List Coming Out Before Matriculation Or This Is The Last List?And If Is Out What Of Those That Have Not Done Their Registration Within The Specified Date?(i.E 5th- 29th March)

  93. samuel adejoh says

    Pls admin we really want to know pls is there any list coming pls

  94. ebebe favour says

    jamb gave me admission but is not yet on de skul list. and i did’n register jamb dis year.GOD 4bid dat i should stay anoda 2 years! what should i do? answer me with immediate effects! .WILL ANODA LIST BE RELEASED OR IS DIS DE FINAL LIST?

    1. admin says

      go to the school and complain

  95. Eve says

    I really pity any body DAT will apply unijos 2019..some one Will cum out in flying colours. Pass jamb and wacce…buh they will not give the person admission all they know is to be collecting bribes..wicked souls…God Will judge all of them

  96. Eve says

    I pity 2019 session DAT applied unijos I can never advise my love one’s to come to this school…they’re just based on collecting bribes..wicked souls..one day God will judge all of them bcus of their love for money they failed to do the right thing.

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