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How to Make $20 per day from Using Hitleap

If you are looking for a way to earn more money with, then you are in the right place. In this Post, i will be giving you the ultimate trick to earn $20 per day from using a tool called Hitleap.


What is Hitleap?

Hitleap is a Traffic Exchange Website that many website owners use to drive traffic to their site. It’s traffic is not associated with bots rather People get traffic by visiting each others Website.

What is is a url shortening website that allows publishers earn money by just sharing their shortened url. To get straight to the put on how to make money from Using Hitleap, continue reading.

How I Earned $20 from using Hitleap

Firstly, I will like to say it only takes hardwork to produce wonderful results.. But what i can tell you is, we can use Hitleap in every kind of Shorten link website. But not in Linkbucks and Adfly. This two shorten url website have super high tracking system and they can not allow to use Hitleap. Many user use Hitleap to autopilot but they usually suspend their account  before they cashout. This method i will give is sure they wont ban or suspend your account keep calm 
firstly before you start,create a account click here


also create a hitleap accout click here
How to make money from using hitleap

How to Make Money From Using Hitleap

  • sign up to blogger
  • go to and shorten the shortened url i.e shortened url
  • Go to blogger
  • Click on template
  • Click on edit template 
  • put at the end of the bold word it is a html code
  • in line 4 you would see   head   directly under that paste
  • meta content=’0.1;url=YOURURLHERE’ http-equiv=’refresh’/
  •  put your url in spot that say YOURURLHERE  and save the code
  • Paste your normal blogger link into hitleap
  • download hitleap viewer app and start running it
  • you will start earning from hitleap

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