Tips to win scholarship to study abroad

11 helpful tips to win scholarship to study abroad




Tips to get scholarship to study abroad

Don’t let study abroad costs get you down. A common misconception about study abroad is that it is unaffordable, but guess what? There are literally thousands of study abroad scholarships and grants out there , just waiting for you to apply for them! And who doesn’t love free money? We all get those heart-eye-emoji vibes just thinking about it.
You might have to make some sacrifices in the months leading up to your summer/semester/year abroad (say no to splurging on dessert and cut down on on that post-Christmas-sales shopping), but being smart with your money
before studying abroad is just one stepping stone on the way to bigger and better adventures. Smart saving tactics mixed with financial aid (like scholarships to study abroad) mean you’ll be able to *finally* achieve your travel goal — just as long as you’re willing to put in the work of applying!

Here are 11 sure-fire steps to score the best study abroad scholarships (but don’t think that means they’re easy study abroad scholarships!).

1 . Start searching for scholarships as soon as possible. Don’t wait until spring of your senior year in high school to start searching , or you’ ll miss half the deadlines. There are many scholarships available to students in grades 9 , 10 and 11 , not just high school seniors . There are even scholarships for students in grades K – 8 . Continue searching for scholarships even after you are enrolled in college.
2 . Answer all of the optional questions on a scholarship matching web site for about twice as many matches .

3. Look for local scholarships on bulletin boards near the guidance counselor of financial aid offices , or the library ’s jobs and careers section .

4. Apply to every scholarship for which you are eligible. Pursue less competitive scholarships , such as small awards and essay contests , since they are easier to win and the money adds up and helps you win bigger scholarships .

5. Don ’t miss deadlines . Use a calendar and checklist to get organized.

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6. Tailor your application to the sponsor ’ s goals . Read and follow the instructions carefully.

7 . If you have difficulty writing essays , try recording yourself as you answer the question out loud, and transcribe the recording later . Most people can think and speak faster than they can write or type . Create an outline afterward to organize your thoughts .

8 . Personalize your essay and be passionate . Write about something of interest to you . Make your application stand out from the crowd . Talk about your impact on other people . Give examples and be specific .

9. Google your name and make sure you have a professional online profile. Use a professional email address , such as firstname .lastname @gmail .com . Clean up the content of your Facebook account , removing inappropriate and immature material .

10. Proofread a printed copy of your essay and the application for spelling and grammar errors .

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11. Make a photocopy of your application before mailing it . Send the application by certified mail , return receipt requested or with delivery confirmation

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